Chinese – the most cruel nation in the world

If we talk about the fact that now China is the leader in the workforce in world production, this is a fact. The fact that all Chinese products consist mainly of marriage, if this is not factory production on imported equipment, then this is also a fact. The fact that the Chinese eat everything that moves is a fact. And perhaps just in the last one they can be understood, but not forgive!

China is a densely populated country in East Asia, with a diverse relief. Here you can find meadows, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers and coasts with a length of more than 14 thousand km. The capital of the country is Beijing. The population of China is 1.386 billion (the latest estimates were made in 2017). And only the population of Beijing (the capital of China) is 21.54 million people, and this with a total area of ​​the city itself of 16,808 km²!
Based on these figures, we can draw conclusions – cramped, overpopulated, lack of food for so many people in such an area of ​​residence, and for some reason, excessive fertility.

One child per family (or “one family – one child”) is China’s demographic policy.

China was forced to legislatively limit family size in the 1970s, when it became clear that a huge number of people overloaded the country’s land, water and energy resources. Today, the average number of children born by one woman during her life in China has decreased from 6 to 1.6.

Chinese citizens are usually allowed to have no more than one child per family (excluding cases of multiple pregnancy) or two per one family in the village (provided that the first child is a girl).

According to human rights activists, forced abortions and sterilization were sometimes applied to violators.

The penalty for giving birth to a second child was 4-8 average annual incomes in the region of birth. But even these measures do not greatly impede the problem of overpopulation in China. For this reason, the Chinese are forced to use everything that lives and grows on the earth for food, because the production of cows, pigs and poultry can not cope with so many consumers.

Today, China has become more civilized than a couple of decades ago, and nowhere in restaurants can you find food from spiders, beetles and beauties with mice. As the Chinese themselves say, they don’t like such food; foreigners order it more often. Maybe so, but the dog meat shops in China are very common and finding them in almost any city in China is not a problem at all.

Dog meat shop sign
Creepy Dog Shop Merchandise in China

The Chinese do not ignore cat meat, but it is less appreciated in taste than dog meat, as the Chinese themselves say.

Recently, a dog meat festival was held in Yulin, China, despite protests from animal welfare activists. Last year, there was a rumor that this festival was banned, but this is not so. The Chinese catch dogs on the streets of homeless (and not only) dogs, keep them in cages in terrible conditions, and then they cook and burn them alive at the stake. At the same time, poor animals scream heart-rendingly and suffer from unbearable pain and die slowly and in terrible agony. Is this the EXTREME RIGIDITY in the manifestation of the human appearance ?!

And now, perhaps many will ask, so what is the manifestation of particular cruelty among the Chinese? After all, the whole of Europe and America also eats animals – cows, pigs and birds. But not one country in the world doesn’t eat “friends”, namely those with whom you go for walks every day, sleep in the same bed, talk, play, love like your own child, go on long trips and travel. These friends are our fluffy dogs and cats that simply cannot survive without a person, and these are those who are waiting for us day after day from work and are bored. And when we come to them – they are sincerely happy and love us with all their hearts.

Any murder of an animal is cruelty, but if you compare this cruelty with slaughterhouses, where animals are specially bred for killing and everything happens indoors, and with the Chinese who do it openly, they hold similar dog meat festivals, where poor dogs are burned alive bonfires, cooked in boilers, beaten with sticks, then European meat farms look much more humane against the background of Asians.

Animal rights defenders around the world continue to fight Chinese cruelty to animals, hold rallies, sign petitions, and sue, but the Chinese government still does not want to take any measures to ban one of the most cruel entertainment in the world – the dog meat festival in Yulin … ..


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