War in Ukraine. Evacuation of animals and people under shelling from the Donetsk region

02/08/24 Another evacuation of animals from the city of Avdeevka (Donetsk region) took place;

Sergey Letenko, together with a volunteer, again desperately saved the lives of animals and people! It so happened that people were also evacuated that day, so people shared space in the car with those who needed help most, with those who were unable to take care of their lives in the terrible conditions of war – with animals.

Some moments in the video may shock you, but we have what we have… and this is a real picture without hiding reality.

Someone will ask: why are cats in bags? So, in the conditions of endless shelling, which can be clearly heard on the video, we had to collect the seals in bags so as not to waste time, when every minute, and what can I say, a second, counted. As soon as the car left the city, arriving at the nearest safe place, the cats were transferred to cages for transporting animals, in which they then went with the dogs to shelters and foster care.

A low bow to the guys who risk their lives to save animals under continuous shelling!

Facebook page of Sergei Letenko, a volunteer who saves animals and people in areas where fighting is taking place:


Sergey Letenko. Avdeevka

Data for financial assistance to Sergei:

PayPal [email protected]

PrivatBank card: 4149609005222221


Photo and video source: Sergey Letenko

Text: Ekaterina Koshman

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