British livestock defenders unveil shocking pig farm investigation

British activists unveiled a video filmed at pig farms in Norfolk and Yorkshire (England), documenting the shocking conditions of animals in death factories.

On industrial farms, animals are seen as a commodity – meat, whose sole purpose is to bring profit to farmers. This is a common practice when animals are kept in dark rooms throughout their lives. Females constantly carrying and nursing piglets suffer in metal cages so small that they cannot even turn or lie comfortably during pregnancy, which lasts four months.

British livestock defenders unveil shocking pig farm investigation

Pigs are cut off their tails, their ears are trimmed, the ends of some teeth are broken off and the testes are removed to the males – all these painful procedures are carried out without the use of painkillers.

In the video you can see how the pigs sucked their mother, surrounded by dead brothers and sisters, some of them are still attached to the placenta. In other shots, dead pigs are thrown to rot in a heap of corpses.

Zoodefenders urge the British authorities to consider the facts of cruelty shown on farms. However, meat consumers should understand that such scenes can be seen on all farms, around the world.


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