Hidden camera video filmed at “humane slaughterhouse” in France is surprisingly cruel

Defenders of animals in France L214 unveiled a shocking video, filmed with a hidden camera in one of the “humane slaughterhouses” in the city of Vigan, which is located in the south of France.

Many French media have replicated this video, which caused a wide public response. The cadres of sadistic animal mockery and the enthusiastic laughter of slaughterhouse employees once again confirm the fact that most slaughters work at slaughterhouses, and the statement about the “humane murder” of animals is just a myth!

This slaughterhouse is positioned in France as “certifié bio in French” – this is how slaughterhouses are called, characterized by modern “humane” methods of killing animals. They are often called “humane slaughterhouses.” In other words, animals are killed quickly and painlessly by electric current, as the managers of such slaughterhouses say. But what we see in the frames of this video confirms the opposite.

In this video you can see how the employees of this slaughterhouse, under the laughter and approval of their colleagues, torture animals, beating them and stretching “pleasure.”

Personnel caused outrage of the public and zoo defenders of France. The famous actress Brigitte Bardot, who heads the fund for the protection of wild animals, sent an open letter to the Minister of Agriculture. In the message she demanded to understand this situation.

Guide slaughterhouse claims that they did not know what was happening. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture of France, Stefan Le Fol, ordered the closure of the slaughterhouse in Vigan for all proper checks. Activists also demand to conduct investigations at other slaughterhouses in the country.

However, consumers need to understand that such cruelty occurs in all such death factories, and the reason why slaughter staff create unheard-of atrocities, losing contact with society, is that so many people with innocent look buy beautifully colored packages that contain parts of the dead animals. There is a demand – there will be an offer and an indescribable horror.

Source: save-animals.info

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