A live tiger cub was found in parcel in Mexico

In early 2018, the Mexican customs inspectors, checking postal parcels for smuggling, were simply shocked by the unusual finding. The fact is that in one of the boxes they found a live Bengal tiger cub! The tiger cub, when he was taken out of captivity, was barely alive and almost unconscious from dehydration and oxygen starvation.

Quite by accident, the baby was noticed by one of the working dogs. Having sensed a living creature inside the package, the shepherd became agitated and thereby forced the customs officers to open the package. What they saw horrified them. Inside, there was a little tigrenish – he was very weak after a huge dose of sedative, injected him before sending. The tiger cub was dehydrated, and all this time he suffered from lack of air.

Mail officials say the package came from the western state of Jalisco at the central state of Queretaro.

Live tiger in the package

The strangest thing in this incident is that the package attached legal documents on the tiger. Which of the senders in the mail thought of agreeing on this method of sending an animal – the police finds out.

Later, the baby was transferred to the local animal protection center. There he recovered, withdrew from the experienced shock and was taken in the care of zoodefenders.

The police are actively engaged in clarifying all the details of this crime – on the fact of cruelty to animals. Senders found waiting for criminal punishment.

Live tiger in the package

Source: save-animals.info

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