Cruel euthanasia of stray dogs in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

A horrible video with the euthanasia of dogs was shown by animal rights defenders in Almaty. At an expanded meeting of the public council of the city of Almaty, the zoodefenders provided evidence of cruelty to animals by the trapping staff.

During the presentation of the report for 2018, the head of the city veterinary service, Serik Zhaksabaev, reported that the most humane method of animal euthanasia known to date has been introduced into the temporary detention center, in which xylanitis is used for sedation of the animal as well as “Adilin-super”.

The zoodefenders of Almaty and members of the “Good City Project” working group believe that the current regulation of stray animals does not comply with the principle of humanity.

The members of the group “Project Good City” listed a number of unacceptable violations in catching and killing animals:

  • traumatizing animals when catching
  • catching not according to the applications
  • use of toxic chemicals for disinfection of the IVS premises in the presence of animals
  • the absence of sanitary days in the isolation ward, as well as violations in the process of euthanasia.

Zoodefenders provided journalists with screenshots of the video of the euthanasia procedure of April 22, 2019. According to zoodefenders, animals are treated cruelly both before the procedure and during it.

So, before euthanasia, instead of placing the dogs on the table in a carrier, they were dragged up by the neck on the loop, which is a gross violation of the treatment of animals.

A shot from the video of brutal euthanasia of dogs / “Project Good City”

Then, during the killing procedure itself, the animals did not die within 10 minutes, as expected, but remained conscious for 30 minutes, which, according to the city’s zoodefenders and veterinarians, indicates an incorrect dose calculation, or errors during the administration of the drug.

A shot from the video of brutal euthanasia of dogs / “Project Good City”

In addition, there are questions to the drug “Adilin-super”. According to the veterinarian Markhabbat Madiyarova, this drug is used without the approval of veterinary clinics and animal protection organizations of the city.

“We recommended the drug “Clostenon”. They replaced it with Adilin. We were not aware of the changes, we wanted them to substantiate the dosage they apply, ”said Madiyarov.

Aigerim Zhaksylyk, head of the Almaty veterinary services trapping animals department, said that she should first familiarize herself with the video and then, perhaps, the dosage will be revised.

The head of the city veterinary service, Serik Zhaksabayev, and a member of the public council, Yerlan Smaylov, are trying to justify the cruel actions of the employees of the service for catching stray dogs:

“In the Republic of Kazakhstan among the veterinary institutions that catch and kill animals, the most humane method is used in Almaty. We do not shoot animals … Systemic work has been set. Yes, there are shortcomings of our employees, we recognize this fact. We will put the work on further correction, that is, you can not take something and build at one time. We go, we carry out work, respectively, there are mistakes, we remove them in our process, we build a new algorithm. We are moving towards this, because there is no such thing anywhere in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, answered Zhaksabayev.

The head of the veterinary service was supported by a member of the public council Yerlan Smilov. According to him, earlier it was impossible to enter the isolation ward, as it resembled a prison.

“I would not say that catching is inhuman now. In general, the process goes towards humanization, funds are being purchased, but the human factor is still the case. Trappers sometimes use such cruel methods, but at the same time, there is a course for humanization, and it is set in basic documents and in the joint work of management and volunteers. Naturally, this work must continue. Our task is to set the maximum infrastructure of responsibility and regulate this work so that these facts tend to zero”, he said.

Smilov added that in cases of cruelty to animals, it is necessary not only to dismiss, but to initiate a criminal case, especially if this person is on duty.

Meanwhile, Zhaksabaev reported on the introduction of the Petcontrol mobile application. The Petcontrol system is a single base for identifying dogs and cats in the city of Almaty, in which information about the animal is entered by reading electronic chips.

According to him, no one can give the exact number of animals due to the lack of a single base. Now, thanks to this system, it will be possible to get detailed statistics on all animals in the city.

Among other things, the head of the veterinary department of the Almaty Entrepreneurship and Investment Department, Nurlan Tashimov, said that within the framework of the implementation of the road map “Pet welfare of Almaty city” for 2017-2020, in 2017, the implementation of the state program on sterilization and castration of animals began.

“In 2017, 117 million tenge was allocated from the city budget for these purposes, the program covered 10 thousand dogs and cats at the rate of 70% of dogs and 30% of cats. Total there were 4 veterinary clinics participating. In 2018, the city budget allocated 117 million tenge, 11,500 dogs and cats underwent the procedure. This time 8 veterinary clinics participated”, Tashimov said during the report.


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