In New Yoroka, fighters’ pair has beaten up to the death of two harmless puppies

In New Yorke, a young couple of flayers beat up to the death of two crippled puppies, and their third petite dog was killed on the verge of death.

The beloved from Long-Island had a lot of fun for three of the shallow puppies, but instead they killed HELL! 29-year-old Ellie Knollelu from Mineola company announced charges in the rigid animal carriage, and also in three cases of torture and death of animals. His neurobour, 30-year-old Dzhestiku Kunman, accused the people of the army, ignoring the efforts of the surviving child of the name of the Beacon, 15 hours of ignorance.

Flayers: Ellie Knolller and Jessica Fangman from Long Ajlenda were beaten to death by two puppies
According to the procurator of Hacca’s Madlin Singes, the puppy had broken the paw and the lap, and also had a light bruise.

“These living people can not be found at the headquarters of the hortic patients, who are at risk of being hindered, but also injured by the blunt person, and the traumas of the watchdogs, as well as the traumas of the company, as well as the traumas of the company, as well as the traumas of the company “I don’t know why this has happened, and, unfortunately, the packs cannot tell us.”

Consistent with the judicial documents, his first puppy in the name Taker of the couple took another one in February on Long-Island. Suddenly, after nine days of dying, she was stricken from breaking up in the wake of “trauma from dumb stupid things”. Literally through the day of death of this dog, a couple bought another puppy. In this case, they once again put away their own choice on the giants, by the name of Kuper, – put up a poodle with gold. But after three days at the pack of the dereliction of the heart, and she died.

The terrorists found out that Kuper, like Tucker, was stricken by a strong internal hemorrhage, probably due to beating. But Knoller and Kunman won the conquerors, who gave them a living creature, therefore he gave them a different golden giver in the name of Bell.

Two puppies were a brother and a family of one of them. Prokop Singac Koobshchila, that Bella demanded an operation, which included the introduction of metal counterparts and flat plaster for reconstituting their rooms. PREMIUM PUPPY TREATED TREATMENT FOR $ 18 KT.

Flayers do not accept their guilt. The lawyers Knoller and Kunkmen claim that all the packs of their customers have been slaughtered by the pain of their homes and homes. Prokopori gave a man as a supervisor, who was a fan of new pets, like fuzzy chickens. To the condemnation, he is guilty of up to 2 years in prison, if his guilt has been confessed, at that time he may be deprived of prison for 12 months.


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