Cozy home starts with animals

I like to come to cozy homes. No, not those with vases, knitted stuff and flowers. Cozy home for me – is home, where you have fat happy cat resting on the couch, where you are being met at the door happy-fluffy dog, where toys are everywhere, and tea with muffins at the kitchen.

In such a home vase, broken by fluffy butt, – is not a tragedy, and flowers eaten afterwards – not the end of the world.

Cosy house – not the one where everything is shining clean, washed with cleaners and stuff lays and stand on their places.

Cosy house – is when you have a mouse and a ball in the hallway. Carpet is with pet’s fur, dog lays on a plaid, and cat sits in the chair hugging elder kid because younger is underneath the plaid with the dog. You can feel warmth coming from such house, you are welcome there even if you came unexpectedly. If it will be really-really unexpected and inappropriate time – you will be told this and you won’t get sad about it.

My mother is over 70. She has beautiful Pekingese, she has my father, she has two flowerbeds in the courtyard of nine storey building, she has a laptop, which we try to use together. And the main thing – a lot of friendly dog lovers, who she admires a lot and loves to walk and talk to.

Child and puppy learn to walk the stairs

My neighbour is slightly over 50. She hates everybody in the apartment complex, probably she even hates herself. Her husband left her because the main thing she hated in her life was their dog.

It might sound surprising, but I have only one friend, which does not have any pet – no cat, no dog, not even fish… Her reasons – “it is dirtiness, bad smells and diseases”. Crystal clean apartment. And permanently sick six year old son. But – “no dirtiness and pet’s fur”.

Cosy home – is not about tea-sets and vases. And not about cats and dogs.

Cosy home starts from the heart. Which is beating for those who are weaker.

Author: Natalia Spesivtseva


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